Three Man Baseball Umpire Crew Review


    1.No one on- umpires will be in “A”\”D” and “Plate”

    2.With runner on 1st or 1st and 3rd the “A” Umpire will position himself where he can view the pitcher off the left shoulder of the runner during his primary lead. The “C” Umpire should be in Deep C where his heels are on the dirt and is closer that the 2-man position to 2nd base so movement during a steal is minimized.

    3.With runner at 2nd, 1st and 2nd or bases loaded the “C” Umpire will be in short “C” the same position as the 2-man system.

There are 5 situations where there will be a Rotation:

(A rotation is where the Umpire in A will cover home plate and the umpire in C will slide over between 1st and 2nd picking up the batter observing the runner touch 2nd base, the plate umpire will come straight to the cutout at 3rd base. The A Umpire will commit to home as the runner from first commits to 3rd otherwise he will mirror the runner and stay at 1st for a throw back on the batter runner. The plate umpire will go straight to the cutout at 3rd. The umpire in C will slide as the runner commits to 3rd. He will have the throw back into 2nd.)

    1.No one on, base hit and no one goes out.

    2.Runner on 1st base, base hit and no one goes out

    3.Runner on 1st and 3rd, base hit and no one goes out

    4.Runner on 1st and 2nd, Fly ball caught and runners tag

    5.Runner on 3rd, base hit and no one goes out.

There are 2 situations where a reversed rotation is used:

(A reversed rotation is where there is a runner in scoring poison and the plate umpire must stay home. The “A” Umpire has the batter runner into second and the “C” Umpire has the plays at 3rd, throw back at 2nd other than the batter runner.

    1.Runners on 1st and 2nd

    2.Bases Loaded

Fly Ball Responsibility:

    1.Go out on all Fly balls that are not “Cans of Corn”

    No one on

    “D” Umpire is the primary on all fly balls to CF to the 3rd base Line. “A” Umpire is to pivot and take Batter Runner to 3rd. “A” Umpire has all Fly balls where the CF is running towards the 1st base line to the 1st base line.

Runners on Base

    Umpire on the line has all Fly balls to CF Area to the line. Umpire inside has Fly balls caught from the CF running to the Fielder on their side (If “B” RF or “C” LF)

Base Umpiring Calls

    1.After a base hit the “A” Umpire should stay in foul territory for a possible rotation. Only come to the infield on reverse rotations. Move to the same position as 2-man on plays on the infield.

    2.For plays at “D” try to make calls from foul territory. Get the best angle with the ball and runner coming at you with complete view of the base.